Saturday, December 5, 2009

I was walking casually

I was walking casually,
Without any hope;
And then I saw you walking too,
I was delighted-at the pleasantness of this surprise,
And to celebrate it-I smiled at you

You smiled at me too,
And I knew - Angles were there in heaven,
Your silence was the rapturous speech,
And your voice - Sweeter than sweet,
Your beautiful expressions - Charming to the hilt

It pulled me and I knew,
It was the bondage - A chain of affection and friendliness woven together,
It is hard for me to express the beauty of this tangle,
Its lurking melancholy and the yearning special,
It is a treasure- an unsung song
I wish to carry it in my heart all along

It gives me the pain of a thrill,
To think of you all the time,
And yet not be able to meet,
But I know!
Our meetings might be rare and short
Yet this friendship will grow by days,
To become deep and strong
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