Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I am a girl

The real perception is to look at the whole,
Would the garden be as wholesome,
If all the flowers were of the same color?
And would it even be worth looking,
If those were not allowed to flower in their gay abandon?
Tell me!
Would it be a rainbow but only for all the colors?

And when it has rained,
And the thirst of scorching earth has been quenched,
Standing on the drenched earth,
Swelling its contented scent,
Watch the picture,
Which all colors,
Together in their playful intercourse,
Paint on the horizon.

It requires patience of mind and fullness of heart,
To look at the sensuousness, cuteness and charm
Of the things of beauty.

I am not that body part,
I am not even the sum of the body parts,
See! It is the individual in that skeleton,
Who fills it with a life.

I am a sentient being, just like you!
With those same frailties and strengths,
Those same desires and passions.

I also want to explore the world,
To know myself, my own body
And you!

Let me blossom and bloom,
I am a girl,
Don’t scare me,
Talk to me and understand,
I want to walk with you.
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