Friday, December 27, 2013


Presence is a state of being,
The energy it brings,
The dazzle it creates,
& the transformation of the ambience it engenders

When you appear from nowhere,
The shine of your being,
Your smile,
The swiftness of your movement,
Brings a quality in the air,
& infuses a fresh breath into life

The way you dance,
Its shyness & intensity,
The gyration and the angle of your body,
Conveys a statement of style

Your voice,
Its throw & clarity,
Its sweetness & melody,
Invites & enthralls

The flowering of your smile,
Supported by lined white teeth,
Enveloped by luscious lips,
Gives birth to a new moment of joy

In your sadness & in your mirth,
In your complaint & in your applause,
In your insistence & in your yielding,
You appear the same - Strong, soft, energetic &,
Lovingly beautiful!

Monday, July 1, 2013

What if you said sorry

What if you said sorry?
The days would still be burning,
Heat in the sun, dryness in the air,
The sky would still be as vast,
The nights still dark,
Long and lonely,
But that’s not the point.
What if you said sorry?
The tasks would still be as mundane,
Dreary and devoid of purpose,
‘Those’ people would still be as ruthless,
Opportunistic and manipulative,
But that’s not the point.
What if you said sorry? 
The life would still be a challenge,
Broken dreams and yet full of expectations,
The unknown pain-Of what, for what?
Remaining an elusive search.
What if you said sorry?
I would still long those moments,
Which would’ve been,
The teasing and inviting smile of yours,
The longing comfort of your bosom,
Melting away all worries,
Of present and future.
If you said sorry,
The world would still remain the same, 
But not for me,
Things would appear for a purpose,
All designed perfectly to be in order.
If and only if you said sorry,
This indescribable anguish, the pinch,
This directionless hurt and complaint,
Which is just there,
Would go,
And you would appear,
Even more beautiful to me.
If you said sorry,
I wouldn’t hear anything - Your repentance, my vengeance,
It would tell me, 
That you are, and you care,
There would be tears in my eyes -Looking intensely into yours,
And it would tell you,
You don’t know how much I……?
That we are here,
To be together,To love,
And live happily ever.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


बेबसी ये कि चलना ही है,

न सफर का मकसद, न मंजिल की खबर,

एक बेकसी सी है, न जाने कैसी,

खुदी के तलाश की, या हसरत तेरे साथ के सुकून की?
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