Friday, December 27, 2013


Presence is a state of being,
The energy it brings,
The dazzle it creates,
& the transformation of the ambience it engenders

When you appear from nowhere,
The shine of your being,
Your smile,
The swiftness of your movement,
Brings a quality in the air,
& infuses a fresh breath into life

The way you dance,
Its shyness & intensity,
The gyration and the angle of your body,
Conveys a statement of style

Your voice,
Its throw & clarity,
Its sweetness & melody,
Invites & enthralls

The flowering of your smile,
Supported by lined white teeth,
Enveloped by luscious lips,
Gives birth to a new moment of joy

In your sadness & in your mirth,
In your complaint & in your applause,
In your insistence & in your yielding,
You appear the same - Strong, soft, energetic &,
Lovingly beautiful!

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