Tuesday, April 1, 2014


When you wish,
To reach a state,
To get something,
And to be somebody.

Considering your desire is just and natural,
You make an effort.

What if you are not lucky?
Not that luck by itself endows something,
But you fail- Even if you try,
And try sincerely.

You feel frustrated,
Not so much by dauntiness of the task in hand,
But by your own incapacity,
To orchestrate the result.

In those trying times,
Motivating yourself,
Regaining lost strength,
You rear your head,
Determined to be pushing and moving ahead.

In those circumstances,
You get guided by your beliefs,
Certain principles of life,
Which you deem dear and true.

What if your beliefs are belied,
And you still don’t succeed,
You fail again,
And don’t know,
What to do now?
Where to go?

You have reached limit then,
Angry and frustrated,
And most of all- Deeply hurt,
With yourself,
And with quirkiness of truth.

You are then unable to move,
And you get ripped apart,
When you think of the inverted logic,
The plain unjustness and bizarre ways of the visible world.

At that point my friend,
When you are about to sink in the ocean of difficulties,
There is a ray of light,
Which you see,
When you loose everything and surrender.

It brings with it a renewed spirit,
And inexhaustible energy to go ahead,
To try and to act,
For the sheer pleasure of it all.

That light,
That inexplicable motivation,
That indescribable feeling is,
What we call ‘Faith’.
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