Friday, September 3, 2010

True Soldier

Running indefatigably, toiling hard
Knocking obstacles, marching ahead
One more victory, countless others won
Yet the smile of success eludes you
What’s the matter Soldier, my dear pal?

Not knowing day from night,
Ever looking ahead to grab one more fight
Occupied with nothing else but war
Strategizing, manipulating, doing everything to reach the top
Yet the glow of contentment seems miles apart,
What’s the matter Soldier, my dear pal?

Dear ones have waited patiently
For you to bring security, love and goodies to feast on,
You promised to get all these,
Yet that day never comes, as the time goes on,
What’s the matter Soldier, my dear pal?

Is it that you forgot to look at the little flower, shining in all its colors?
And cared not to wet your feet in the cool currents of the singing stream?
Is it that you ignored the milestones and didn’t rest in the knowledge that,
How far have you arrived overcoming all the odds?
Is it that the lure of distant peak, made you blind,
To the sparkling light dancing in your backyard?
Is it that you are afraid to let yourself loose?
And cry over the wonders of beauty, for its innocence, simplicity and charm?

You need not reply, just pause and ponder
I am with you, as I have always been
Listen to me and get that lost meaning,
To go ahead and fight afresh,
Just for the sheer pleasure of it all,
Rise now and become a true hero,
You are a soldier after all!
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