Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Wish

I wish I didn’t wish so much,
To be is to wish,
To wish is to be expectant,
When expectations are easily realized?

I think if wishes were horses,
They could run afar and,
Fetch us the things desired,
But then, this also is a wish!

How difficult it is not to wish,
To wish is to be driven - to be moving and successful,
It is fear of stagnation - of being left behind,
Which makes us wish,
Not to wish is frightening - it isolates you.

There are hindrances aplenty in fulfillment of the wishes,
Yet, how vicious is the working of the wish,
That we still wish!


Prabh said...

N i wish ur all wishes come true!!!

Prabh said...


Prabh said...

I wish very soon ur all ur wishes come true!!!

Chaitanya Jee said...

Hey, Prabh- thanks a lot :) Wish the same for you friend

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