Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pain is the only happiness

Pain is the only happiness I know,
Flowing on the rhythm ,
that is timelessness and memory of beauty woven together,
I feel the hollowness of incompleteness.

Never could I know the meaning of daily living,
It’s a contract signed to unknown entity,
Which, like a bonded labour,
I cann’t break.

Softness on its bed of pulsating waves,
Penetrates the bones of my body with the beats of melody,
I suffuse it with the anguish of my entire being
Creating music of writhing pain.

I am my own child,
Loving, nourishing, kicking and caring myself,
It’s an arduous task,
To know and understand everything,
And yet not be able to act.

Friend!( if there is any), Can I ask you something?
pain, incapacity and hopelessness might be universally present,
but could you please ask them not to trouble me anymore?

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