Sunday, February 22, 2009

Who you are?

Who knows whether I have lost you or not,
The truth is that I am deeply touched,
You have entered into the depth of my being,
Why did you do so?

When have I said that life is a bed of roses?
Neither have I only looked at flowers alone.
But tell me, should thorns be the only reality
Of life? the big complex battle with the self and surrounding?

Know that you are special,
You are there in the elegance of the beautifully dressed
Escort of the bride,
You are there in the dance of a smiling inviting charm,

Know that you are not ordinary,
You are not even extraordinary,
How can I say what you are?
Cause, if I could explain and define you,
I could define my self
And all that is beautiful and worth admiring
In this world.

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