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A Short Treatise on Tamma tamma logey tamma (तम्मा तम्मा लोगे तम्मा)

If the above title sounds as some kind of ad jingle and ‘tamma(तम्मा) appears to be a FMCG product - you are not alone. With such catchy tune, it is difficult to resist its appeal.

So what is tamma? Is it a promise of achhe din which shall come some(?) day? Or is it a new gadget offered in bumper discount  on those e-commerce sites ? Or is it some kind of chumma1 which was supposed to be given on the day of previous Jummah2?

Unless we track down the creators of this great tamma tamma , it is difficult to say for sure- what is tamma? However, that shouldn’t stop us from hazarding a guess. We don’t have paucity of time really and this shall be much needed break from that WhatsApp chat group.

Prima facie tamma looks like a hard nut to crack. It needs nothing less than dialectical analysis (whatever that is) and being no Marxist scholar, I leave it to you and your leftist friends to figure that out. That takes us to economic study of tamma. Could tamma be harbinger of the next stock rally? Or it is a new name of demonizing errrrr demonetizing effort by the Govt? Tamma might be a new concept in game theory where it is eventually a zero sum game i.e. it is either your tamma or mine; both of us cann’t have our tammas at the same time.

What fun is tamma if we cann’t have it together? We, therefore, need to understand its plausible socio-political ramifications. Is it that elusive tool which could carry out social engineering and cut at the hidden roots of social inequality? We can be sure that tamma wouldn’t see light of the day and would be crushed to death by our political class. After all, what business they would’ve if tamma business gets established? Would it be revolutionary and unbelieving if tamma is the secret symbol of a political party in making which would have internal democracy before it plans to govern the democratic republic of India?

Delving deeper, is tamma logey a call to spiritual awakening? Like that maverick sage Kabir exhorted – ‘ Santo Bhai, aai gyan ki aandhi re, bhram ki tanti sabai udani, maya rahe na bandhi re(संतो भाई! आई ज्ञान की आंधी रे, भ्रम की तांती सबै उड़ानी, माया रहै न बंधी रे)3 ; it could be possible that a realized one is singing tamma tamma logey to jolt us from the deep slumber we are immersed in:
Why do you fret –O anxious mind?
Don’t project now into future,
The future is created one moment at a time,
Just like tamma carries meanings sublime

As it seems, identifying tamma is not an easy task and the millennials don’t have enough attention span to focus any more on this tamma wamma. What we can do instead is to visualize the music of the following tamma rap. Let the most rocking of Baba sehgal, Honey or Badshah sing it. We shall meditate on the awesomeness of tamma- in whichever form it is;
Tamma tamma tamma, (तम्मा तम्मा तम्मा )
Ye kya hai gorakhdhandha, (ये क्या है गोरखधंधा)
Mere baap ka nahi, tere baap ka nahi,(मेरे बाप का नहीं, तेरे बाप का नहीं)
To kiska hai ye munda, (तो किसका है ये मुंडा)
Jahan se bhi aaya ho, jo bhi ise laya ho,(जहाँ से भी आया हो, जो भी इसे लाया हो)
Mauka sahi hai ye, dhokha nahi hai ye, (मौका सही है ये, धोखा नहीं है ये)
Offer ka ise maal samajh ke, (ऑफर का इसे माल समझ के)
1+1 ka plan samajh ke, (1+1 का प्लान समझ के)
Le lo tum bhi tamma, le lo tamma tamma! (ले लो तुम भी तम्मा, ले लो तम्मा तम्मा)

(Here is the link to the song
Put on your ear phone, raise the volume and get lost in it)

·   Chumma1Kiss
·   Jummah2 – Friday, when muslims offer prayer of Jummah
·   Santo bhai…3 – O fellow saints! There is gale of light and knowledge. Now, the cottage of ignorance has been dismantled gone away and temptation and attachment no longer trap me) 

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