Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Have you ever seen darkness? All impending, trembling, shaking itself?

How to say? how to make you reveal that I have seen - those pangs, the constant struggle through it, the continuous search for a ray of light - which is hope.

I didn't know that cruelty is so cruel. I am going to give up, you hear? - I will! cause, I am not able to muster enough strength for standing here.

Love? you know?- how have I been into this word and after all that what I find is sheer emptiness. Love to whom? for what? If you are you and I am I, how can we love? What does it mean to love?

It is so incomprehensible and I have given up. You hear? - I have given up.

I will be lost dear. O friend! I will be lost and along with that- this friendliness.

Thanks, thanks a lot for letting me cry, holding you my dear.

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