Tuesday, June 23, 2009


It is tough not to complain
When you get hurt,
What to do? When the pain is so diffused inside you
And the source of the pain so beautiful and charming.

Colours were colourful when,
The sweetness of your being enveloped it,
It was light! It was strength!
It was all which could cripple me in mesmerization.

It is tough to acknowledge that beauty could be so cruel,
How could I forget you,
When the pain of your memory is an indivisible part of myself.

It is tough not to be dazzled by
All of what you are,
To not to desire you is to deny oneself one’s existence,
How would I live? O nature’s mystery!
Am I living? Or this is what is called death?
When I love it, all of it- deeply, madly, shyly
And yet am unable to even look at the fullness of its charm?

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