Saturday, June 20, 2009

Your Presence

Stillness- of wildness of nature,
I am sitting in its lap,
Yet untouched by its seducing charm
A wave comes and instigates the memory of you, the lady,
I am pained by the sweetness of this beautiful remembrance
The leaves sparkle in the light of the gold,
Is it the Sun or light of your presence?
The golden greenery adorns the surface of silvery water,
The currents in the lake dancing slowly and shamelessly,
Soothe the tired bones of my psyche,
Is it the calmness of lake or the relaxation of your presence?
I am energized, shaken and dazzled,
Is it the reality or mere my perception?
That whatever worthwhile and meaningful is there in this world,
Is explained and given life to,
Only by your beautiful presence.

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