Monday, June 29, 2009


If you are gone, why should I live?

It is so repulsive that I could not even think of separation from you. I am scared.

Separated from you, I try to live in a reclusive exile from your memories, but in vain.

Perhaps you couldn't understand me or I couldn't express myself.

There was only this choking, suffocating scrupulous silence to keep us at distance.

Now you are gone without knowing that I kept on and on and on thinking about you and still do so.

And I am here without any desire-yet longing for your affection, without any hope-yet hoping to meet you one day, without any aspirations-yet aspiring to be your eternal lover.


Munia said...

Quite impressed. Sensitive writing about an issue that can become cliched easily. Is there any relation to actual pain of separation? Just curious. Sorry if I intruded.
Swati Ganguly

TheBlindMan said...

abe frustu tu sala eternal frustu rahega :)

Anyway very wel written !!

Chaitanya Jee said...

Hi maam,

Well, we all experience the pain of separation. One experiences it in many ways. I tried to express something of that.

Thanks for your liking it.


Chaitanya Jee said...

Hi BlindMan,

Who are you? Seems you are an old acquaintance.

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